Living in Colorado – Involved with Charis

We have successfully completed 3 years of Charis Bible College.  We are involved in the local church & taking advantage of the various events Charis puts on.  We’re excited about the things God has for us & our family!  We want to experience ALL God has for us during this next season in Colorado.

MOVING TO COLORADO (Jun 2016 – Present)
After a couple years working in the Oilfield, it was finally time for us to take the next step & move down to Woodland Park, Colorado to attend Charis Bible College.  It’s been a big step for us, but we’re here now… we made it!

MOVING TO TERRY (Aug 2014 – Mar 2016)
After about a year, the Harris family moved to Terry, MT & Brent went to work for Eiker, Inc. in Glendive, MT.  His job was driving truck in the oil field so they could pay the bills.  It was a good job, but they knew that it was only temporary.

They have been able to attend & be actively involve at Break Forth Bible Church in Glendive, MT!

MOVING TO VIDA (2013-2014)
Brent & Gaby Harris & family moved from Germany to Vida, MT in the Fall of 2013.  Their plan was to take some time to “re-group” (like a Sabbatical) & seek God concerning their direction.  Adjusting to a new life in Montana was not easy for them, but they knew it was the right decision.  “Starting over”… arriving with everything they have in only 5 suitcases,…God has blessed them in their new life in Montana.

In the fall of 2013, it was time for the Harris family to make a direction change.  So they sold or gave away everything, rented their house & moved to Montana (no small undertaking to empty a house full of things collected over all the years)!